The Westland Steam Plane

A Syndicate Guild Plane Where Steampunk Meets the Wild West

About Vapor

Slinger’s and Steam Aristocrats  hold a tenuous peace with each other to keep trade flowing. However, unknown to both groups, an ancient and forgotten people prepare to return and conquer their world.  

Magic Runs Deep

A plane between portals, Vapor mages and wizards practice both sides of magic, elemental and planar. Both have strengths, and both hold deep grudges.

Apullan: The Westlands

Locally known as the “Westlands”, Apullan is a beautiful, yet unforgiving land that is sparsely populated with nomadic tribes that worship the land and it’s creatures. The thenants that govern these tribes and their magic is healing, light, and balance. The indigenous people have close ties to their land and keep records and incantations etched on staffs. Each staff material has a direct correlation to the incantations notched on it in a language of dots and dashes.

Hoacac: Home of The Slingers

The country of Hoacac is home to the law keepers of Vapor, the Slingers. They hold a pact with the tribes that they will remain peaceful to them and their own, and will “take care” of those who do not abide quickly and efficiently. They will also rise up in defense as the first line should others threaten the land and beliefs of the native inhabitants. In return, the natives teach the Slingers their ways, their magic, and allow them to be a part of their land. Lastly, a third group of people reside in Hoacac, the settlers. These men and women come from over the great waters seeking a new life free of strict government, oversight, oppression, censorship, and the dictates corruption of man.

Nanyan: The Power of Steam

The central continent of Vapor is Nanyan. Home to the great portal of Selnata. Nanyan is an industrialized cityscape. Industrialization and innovation are the focus of this land. Reliant on the other continents of the plane for resources, the people here hold an uneasy truce of peace fearful that any outward aggression would  result in the blockade of much needed supplies and food to keep their civilization running. However, their chief export, steam technology, is also in high demand across the plane of Vapor and so a balance is struck.

Lingan: The Hidden Kingdom

The population of Lingan are largly indigenous and have a tight bond with the elements. A land of Planer magic, the land is split up into two main groups based on the natural resources available to them, Forestry and Water Magic. The interior of Lingan is densely forested and the people reclusive. 

The coastal regions surrounding the continent use water magic with great skill. Primarily peaceful, they tend to stay in small villages along the coast. The nature of the water people can vary greatly from friendly and helpful, to deadly, depending on the tribe.

The Old World

Thought by the rest of Vapor to be a frozen tundra, a forgotten and exiled civilization reside here, waiting to the right time to make themselves known and retake their place as the rightful rulers of Vapor.

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