Visit a vast and untamed land steeped in mystery and planar magic.  


The capital of Appulan, a bustling city of  10,000 souls built on the ruins of a long dead culture infused with steam technology from Nanyan.

Notable Industries:

      • Cain Family Emerald Mines
      • Ashford Manufacturing and Rail
      • Central Nanyan Trade Hub 
      • Mustang Cattle Dealers Association

Notable Figures:

  • Lander Myles Cain – Head of the Cain family and owns the largest mine in Apullan.
  • Kyle Ashford – Head of the Ashford family and rail baron. Rival to the Cain family.
  • Heartford Mustang – Largest landowner in Apullan. Renowned for his kindness and generosity. Leases much of his land back to the indigenous people for nothing.

oak crossroads

A crossroads to many places, but home to many if but for a night. This small but busy stop in the badlands includes a tavern, inn, and 3 brothels. Home to 500. A popular place for travelers and known for the flow alcohol and companionship.

Notable Institutions:

  • Miss Mary’s
  • Jim’s Inn
  • The Buffalo Box Bar

    Notable Figures:

    • Kay Kerns – Sheriff – A stern but fair man. He is older, but strong, wise and know as an excellent shot.
    • Miss Mary – Brothel Owner – Owns all three “Establishments of Comfort” in town. She is aso an information broker and very powerful as such. Loved and feared both, nobody crosses Miss Mary.
    • Tank – Tavern / Inn Owner – A former Slinger who retired to his hometown. A fortress of a man who is quick with a smile and a listening ear. Though he is retired from his days in the law, he has been known to assist the sheriff when needed and is always armed.

    The Devil’s FIngers

    Prison of the Skinwalkers, the banished tribe of the Weir. Once called brothers by the other tribes of Apullan, they made dark oaths with the shadow spawn for their forbidden magic and ability to take on the form of others. 

    Notable Features:

        • Giant stone fingers circle the prison, a sun bleached rocky terrein. Created by the wisemen of each Apullan tribe, the “Devil’s Fingers” are imbued with powerful wards to keep trespassers from wandering in and the skinwalkers from getting out. To those not blessed with the sight, when they look into the fingers they only see a very inhospitable land and feel the need to leave. However, the skinwalkers can see out, and wait for their time to return and exact their revenge. 

    Notable Figures:

    • Wolfs Tooth – Leader of the Skinwalkers.
    • Lighting Hawk, Chief of The Mullok – Apullan tribe who guard the prison. 


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