Home to the great docks of the west and the gun slingers who guard them.

The country of Hoacac is home to the law keepers of Vapor, the Slingers. They hold a pact with the tribes that they will remain peaceful to them and their own, and will “take care” of those who do not abide quickly and efficiently. They will also rise up in defense as the first line should others threaten the land and beliefs of the native inhabitants. In return, the natives teach the Slingers their ways, their magic, and allow them to be a part of their land. Lastly, a third group of people reside in Hoacac, the settlers. These men and women come from over the great waters seeking a new life free of strict government, oversight, oppression, censorship, and the dictates corruption of man.


Capital of Hoacac – Home to 25,000 souls and the great docks of the west and vast agricultural fields. The great mage temples of Vapor reside here.

Notable Industries:

      • Treedagger Port – Largest ocean port in the west with channels inland to a vast network of river based trade ports
      • Treedagger Fish Market
      • Temple of the Sun
      • Temple of the Green
      • Temple Water

Notable Figures:

  • High Sun Priestess Faelyn Aehorn – A kind person of unknown age. She has no know enemies and is generally loved by all. She is powerful beyond measure, but does not flaunt her strength. Rather she uses it to help all. 
  • High Green Priest Rhys Leoren – His realm is nature and all that grows. He was once as Faelyn, but has grown bitter towards the newcomers that invade the land. Faelyn spends a considerable about of time calming his spirits, but it has become less effective over the years.
  • High Water Priest Elred Valana – Like the sea’s, her temperament is unpredictable and chaotic. She can be as a generous lover one moment, and threaten to kill you the next. Her power is only rivaled by Faelyn.
  • Margoon Winthrop – Port Master of the docks. His word is law. He is a fair man and can be reasoned with, but coin will bend his will one way or another. In general, do not stand in the way of his ability to profit and you will stay on his good side. He is also a well known information broker because of his position, but be ready to pay.
  • Master Mage Alerita Li – Rarely seen but his influence felt everywhere, he is the only person know to be stronger that Faelyn. He has not been seen in decades, but his runners pass his messages and will to everyone. He is the real power behind Treedagger.
  • Governor Silveralead – A puppet Governor for someone.. no one knows for sure. He is ready with a smile and makes no promises. 

Sophiron Town

Fort / Town – Guarded by the Oath Breakers and a training town. This place is a protected crossroads to many travelers but they have strict rules. Located by a large freshwater lake, Sophiron is home to 1,000 souls.

Notable Industries:

      • The Fort – Made of stone and far older than the group who occupy it, the building was abandoned by its creators. Filled with rooms, passages and secrets, nobody has been able to make a full account of all of the rooms and long hidden items from the past. This place has a great many stories to tell. 

Notable Figures:

  • Captain J. Hall – Commander of the camp. Stern, strict and firm with his recruits, but is also kind and compassionate. A former sheriff of a small town with a past.
  • Apprentice Mage Luc Tel – Instructed by her master to train at the fort, she practices her craft lakeside while protecting the fort as well. She is smitten with Captain Hall, though he does not know it.

Salt Shell

A Small ocean town bordered by mountains, Salt Shell is noted for rare fish and an ancient water temple. Despite its small size, there is a heavy magic influence here. Home to 2,000 souls.

Notable Structures

      • Temple Water
      • Temple of Earth – Not on map. 
      • Wolfs Bane Mountains
      • Echo Fish Port

Notable Figures:

  • Water Priest Shi Lo – A timeless man who appears to be in his late 40’s but is far older practices his skills on the water of the large lagoon at the end of town. He is a confident man and very kind to all, though he has a flash temper.
  • Able Mack – Trail guide to the Wolfs Bane Mountains. The mountains are harsh all year long but he knows a way past them for travelers willing to pay the price and risk. Those in a hurry often do so as it saves considerable time vs going around them. He is a drunkard and a gambler, but can be counted on when hired.
  • Earth Priest Chin Lo – Earth temple is not known to most, but Able Mack knows it. In secret he is a follower of Chin Lo and a low level earth mage. 

Garow Town

A large town at the base of a dormant but hot volcano, this town enjoys a pocket of tropical surroundings despite its high mountain elevation. Though it has no formal temples, Garrow is a deeply magical place.

Notable Items:

      • Mage Fruit – A lush tree fruit found nowhere else and maintained the local mages.
      • Rice Fields – The main export of Garrow
      • The Swinging Lantern – Local tavern and inn, serves a fermented beverage based on Mage Fruit. Very potent. 

Notable Figures:

  • Priest Jo Ma – A priest of the green, he believes that no temple is required. He has forgone temporal things and lives among the fruit trees and cares for them with his disciples. An exceptional healer.
  • Dax Mannix – Tavern owner and inventor of the Mage Fruit drink. Has a welcome smile and serves a hearty stew. Is able to get patrons most anything in short notice, despite the remote location of the town.

Fort Othsees

Training camp for Hallowed Vanguard recruits. Home 500 people.

Notable Structures

      • The Burning Fields – Training grounds by geothermal vents.
      • Mike’s Hole – General Store

Notable Figures:

  • Captain G. Waren – Commander of the fort. A brutal leader, he is the first line for recruits. His job is to break them to see who be able to endure the coming fight. He does his job well. 
  • Lt. Dan Charles – 2nd in command – Firm but compassionate. he picks up and rebuilds those who make it past the Captain.


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