Mechanical marvels are boundless and industrialization and innovation is the focus of this land.

To the east, across the great waters and central to the plane, lays Nanyan. The home of the great portal to the central plane of Selnata. Nanyan is an industrialized cityscape from end to end. Mechanical marvels are boundless and industrialization and innovation is the focus of this land. Reliant on the other continents of the plane for resources, they hold an uneasy truce of peace fearful that any outward aggression would result in the blockade of much needed supplies and food to keep their civilization running. The chief export of Nanyan is steam technology and is in high demand across the plane of Vapor.

While generally not relied on for more than novelty, there are some individuals who practice the mystical arts in Nanyan. Being balanced between portal lines of planer magic and elemental, those who do practice are well rounded individuals who can hold their own against any wielder of magic. Unlike those to the west, planar magic is recorded on fine scrolls of made of a blend of paper and silk, providing durability, portability and resistant to general damage.


The largest city in Nanyan. Rislack is a sprawling city of industrial invention and is also the trade hub for Nanyan. 1.2 million souls call this home.

Notable Industries:

      • Catford Steam
      • Martin Technology
      • Sheridan Electric
      • Sedgwick Port

Notable Figures:

  • Larry Catford – Holds the largest patents on steam technology and innovation. The technology his family produces can be found all over Vapor. An unrelenting force of nature, Larry will do anything to protect his hold on the technology market.
  • H.H. Martin – Inventor of a new and exciting technology that rivals steam, electricity. Rival to Larry Catford, his is a kind man and helps out all that he can, but he will defend himself and those around him from the ruthless attacks from Larry Catford.
  • Philip Sheridan – Partner to H.H. Martin, holds the distribution rights to electrical lines. Unbeknownst to his partner, Philip has deep ties to the mafia. 
  • Cary Sedgwick – Last in a long line of the family that owns the ports. Born with immense wealth, he is burning through the family fortune and Nanyans largest trade ports are in serious trouble. 


Large coastal city. Used for trade to the outside for goods and food. Home to 350,000.

Notable Industries:

      • Lawlton Port
      • Nanyan Trading Company
      • Central Water Mage Temple

Notable Figures:

  • Charles Lawlton – Owner of the family run Lawlton ports, and Don of the Lawlton crime syndicate. Largest mafia family in Nanyan.
  • Nanyan Trading Company – Smuggling front for the Lawlton family. Also the largest goods and services trading company in Nanyan.
  • Jackson Markel – High priest of the Central Water Mage Temple. During the evenings he harasses the  crime families as a masked vigilante. 


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